Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Times in Michigan

We came to Michigan to help out Michelle and Collin,
James was born on January 20th and Michelle had her
Gall Bladder out on February 16th.
It has been fun being here, helping and getting to know these
little ones better.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Road trip to Michigan

Across the plains there were a lot of farm homes and about a mile between the next one, the land was really flat, it was so fun to see. I have never been this far east before.
As we traveled across the country we saw a lot of wind farms, especially in Wyoming and Nebraska

We stayed in Lincoln Nebraska with a friend of Graydon's
They were very kind to let us stay there.

The Nebraska State Capitol was built by the Army core of engineers during the depression, to help get people back to work.
I was really excited to see the Mississippi river, We crossed it over a bridge and I took a video of it. this is a swamp by it.
It was really neat to see.

Amtrak ride to Denver

We decided to take a trip on the Amtrak with Carl & Marilyn to Denver
We each got our own little bedroom, and we were off.

Once we got to Denver we walked to our hotel, Over the bridge.

We went to the Cave of the winds in Colorado Springs
it got it's name because the man who discovered it heard the wind whistling
through it.

Then we went to the Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado Springs
The giraffes were the best part of the zoo.
They were in a pen where they could come right up to
you. it was really neat.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are so excited to welcome
our 16th Grandchild into the
Blair Family.
Jeremiah Max Blair
Born November 17th
Weighed 9lbs 3oz
to Daniel and LeAnne
Welcome Jeremiah!!

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We have been busy

We have been working so hard the last two months
all of our renters moved out and so we have decided
to sell the two homes that we have had for the past
few years. Almost all of our children have lived in one
or the other of these two homes. Now noone needs to
live in them anymore and we are ready to not be landords
any more. Here is a few pictures of what the kitchen looks
like now in Grandma Heaton's old home. We are just about
ready to put them up for sale, it has taken all of October and
most of November to get them ready.
I think the cabinets turned out really nice.
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